Lieutenant of the Sentinels and Lead Ranger


Improved Superior Quality PNPC, Veteran scout and outdoorsman

WT: 21 WL: 21 STR: 21 DFT: 26 SPD: 21 HLH: 21
BAP: 10 MNA: 4 PCA: 2 CDA: 2 DRT: 45

Age (Group): 52 (4), Size: Above Average, Bulk: Above Average, Looks: Above Average, Personal ENC: 5.4
Recognition Value: 3,

Heroic Skills: Crossbow, Stealth (Rural), Survival (Rural), Two Weapon and Tracking (Rural)




Jordan is a friend of Brass and Gordon, but also something of a loner. A skilled hunter and outdoorsman, he prefers the solitude outside the enclosures of the Commune. He serves as huntsman, scout and lieutenant of the Sentinels.

Rumor has it that before the Ruin, Jordan was an executive for a major software company with a wife and children. Stories tell of how the family became ill, dying one by one, driving Jordan into madness. They say he fled into the woods living the life of a crazed hermit. The truth is hard to know, as Jordan himself does not talk about it and neither do his friends (if indeed they even know).

With his crossbow and stealthy ways, Jordan often seemingly appears out of nowhere and disappears as mysteriously.


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