Wife of Gordon


Superior Quality PNPC, Gordon’s wife, Co-leader of Cle Elum Commune

WT: 21 WL: 21 STR: 21 DFT: 21 SPD: 21 HLH: 21
BAP: 10 MNA: 3 PCA: 3 CDA: 2 DRT: 42

Age (Group): 36 (3), Size: Below Average, Bulk: Below Average, Looks: Stunning, Personal ENC: 4.0
Recognition Value: 5,

Elite Skills: Beast Riding, Modern Rifle and Single Weapon




The undisputed beauty of the area, Lanie has lived a hard life with grace and good will. She is a hard worker, a good mother and devoted wife to her husband Gordon. For all they look an odd couple, the two are affectionate with one another, often laughing. While Gordon is the commune leader, Lanie is an unofficial leader of the workforce, responsible for allocating people to the tasks necessary to maintain and build the community. As such, she is very knowledgeable about the resources and defenses of the commune.

She is mother to Dahlia, Tasha and Maisie.


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