Captain of the Cle Elum Sentinels and Chief Constable


Superior Quality PNPC, Chief Constable of the Cle Elum Commune and Captain of the Sentinels.

WT: 21 WL: 21 STR: 21 DFT: 21 SPD: 21 HLH: 21
BAP: 10 MNA: 3 PCA: 3 CDA: 2 DRT: 42

Age (Group): 55 (4), Size: Average, Bulk: Below Average, Looks: Homely, Personal ENC: 5.0
Recognition Value: 3,

Elite Skills: Modern Rifle, Operational Command, Strategic Command, Tactics


  • SWAT Armor, (Average AV: 7) worn on duty — always — except for helmet, gorget and gloves.



Brass is often thought of as an Andy Griffith sort of guy, a decent man with a good heart and good understanding of human behavior. While this is indeed true, “the Captain” is also a disciplined, no-nonsense lifetime bachelor whose duties allow him to avoid the messiness of a social life.

Expert marksman, skilled soldier, excellent horseman and keen strategist, Brass is accustomed to making do with few resources. When not on duty, the Sentinels are tasked with drills and training exercises to keep their skills fresh and sharp. During these times, this man has none of his easy-going nature about him.

Brass enjoys a close friendship with Gordon, and is often entrusted as bodyguard to his family.


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