The leader of the Cle Elum Commune


Increased Superior PNPC, Leader of the Cle Elum Commune

WT: 21 WL: 26 STR: 21 DFT: 21 SPD: 21 HLH: 21
BAP: 10 MNA: 3 PCA: 3 CDA: 2 DRT: 45

Age (Group): 47 (3), Size: Average, Bulk: High, Looks: Mediocre, Personal ENC: 5.4
Recognition Value: 3,

Elite Skills: Modern Rifle, Radio Communications, Tactics
Veteran Skills: Brawling, Single Weapon, Rural Survival, Rural Search




Not terribly imposing, Gordon is a good-natured, laid back type of guy. But this impression is only that. Gordon is fiercely committed to “his people” — the residents of the Cle Elum Commune, their guests and dependents. He is married to Lanie, and the father of three girls, Dahlia, Tasha and Maisie.

While not very knowledgeable about farming, he does have a talent for leadership. Not everyone in the Commune agree with his views, but when the chips are down they will follow him without question. Fortunately, Gordon sees this as a responsibility. He often confers with those he sees as skilled in subjects with which he is not.

Gordon is neither renowned nor the stuff of legend. He is very much what he appears to be, a man of the land, of his people.


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